Junior Camp

Our First Ever Junior Camp

Live Oak is happy to announce our first ever Junior Camp for kids who have never been to Live Oak before! If you are 7-11, and you aren’t ready for 2 weeks of camp, come join Junior Camp and get a taste of what Live Oak is all about!  It will be amazing because the songs, games and schedules will be changed for our new and youngest campers. So get ready for some silly, zaney and just plain good ole camp living!

Junior Camp will not be doing all the activities that happen at regular camp, but it will be 5 days that are sure to leave your camper happy and excited for two weeks next summer!

A Day in the Life of a Junior Camper

7:15 AM Wake up Rise and shine! The sun is up, the birds are chirping, and it is time to have a wonderful day!
7:45 AM Breakfast Awesome meal number 1 of the day!
8:30 AM Morning Meeting Whole camp gathering. Full of songs, values-based lessons and FUN!
8:45 AM Cabin Cleanup We live together, we clean together. Clean the best you can for Deloris, our camp inspector!
9:15 AM BPI BPI stands for Best Part Is…. It is a special cabin adventure that you take each day with your cabin. Nothing screams friendship like going on an adventure with your new best friends.
10:00 AM Exploration #1 Explorations are about You Doing You! Want to try archery? Sign up! Want to dance? Sign up!
11:00 AM Exploration #2 Boating, Soccer, Arts and Crafts, Trip and Dip, Swimming Lessons, Maker Space, Field Games, Sports, Mechanics, Camper Council, Fitness and board games are just some of the other amazing things you can sign up for!
12:00 PM Lunch Awesome meal number 2 of the day!
1:15 PM Flat on back This magical time of the day might not be your favorite day 1, but after a few days of extreme fun and games, flat on back time will become something you look forward to each day!
2:15 PM Snack Fuel up and get ready for a great rest of the day!
2:30 PM Exploration #3
3:30 PM Exploration #4
4:30 PM Campsite time Head back to your campsite, take showers, play games, change and get ready for a night of fun!
5:15 PM Supper Awesome meal number 3 of the day!
6:00 PM Evening activity Your five days will all have one great activity per night that is sure to make your smile bright before you head back for devotions!
8:00 PM Cabin devotions The secret to Live Oak is the quality friends you are going to make. We finish each night with Cabin Devotions, and they are arguably the most special part of camp. They happen every night- and yet are never quite the same! Let’s just say, this is where the magic happens.
8:30 PM Lights out Day is done. Gone the sun. See you tomorrow for another great day!

What Our Families Are Saying

“My children have grown in independence and resilience but mostly confidence: confidence to be themselves, confidence to find new parts of themselves, confidence to serve others and most importantly to me in this world where children grow so fast – confidence to the silky, wiggly kiddos they are.”

“Live Oak truly fits our family because it’s a camp family that promotes and encourages the same values that we do in our home.”

“[Camper] has really come out of her shell and is truly more confident than she was when she boarded the bus headed to camp. She appears fearless and brave through her actions and words. My shy child who was hesitant to attend sleep away camp is already talking about next summer’s adventures.