Wilderness Adventure

An Exciting New Live Oak Opportunity

The Wilderness Adventure is an exciting new Live Oak Camp opportunity. This is a wilderness-based summer experience that takes place outside of the main camp at Tiak and is steeped in adventure, nature, and community all throughout the south east.

The Wilderness Adventure will keep the values and foundation of Live Oak, while adding on new depths of adventure, team work, fun and growth. You will leave The Wilderness Adventure with a smile on your face, pride in your heart, and both technical wilderness skills and social emotional group skills.

We Believe in Experiential Learning

Campers will be going off the main campus and exploring different parts of the natural world. Getting outside and trying new things is foundational for campers to grow and mature both individually and as a unit.

We Believe in Ownership

Campers will learn, master, and use soft skills and technical skills that are essential to being a successful outdoors person. The Wilderness Adventure succeeds because each participant (adult and camper) pulls their weight around camp.

We Believe in Growth through Reflection

Campers and adults will go on challenges that push them to rely on themselves and each other. These adventures will be paired with a range of reflection experiences that allow campers to be guided in their reflections individually and as a unit.

We Believe Fun and Struggle Can Combine to Build Deep Pride

The Wilderness Adventure experiences are inherently fun. Take canoeing, for instance. It is fun, but it becomes less fun when blisters form on your hands, or when you have to portage your boat across long distances.  We believe that as campers learn skills, work as a team, and push through challenges, they become responsible for their own successes.  The joy of newfound resilience — mixed with new adventures — will create a pride that is rooted in outdoor adventures.

* Safety is of the utmost concern. Every trip will have one trip leader and two additional coaches for the 12 kids. Our Trip Leader has significant camping experience and the fullest certification. Our trip leader will go through Wilderness First Responder Course (WFR), and all coaches will have Wilderness First Aid and Lifeguard Certification.