Donors Make Live Oak Possible

Each year, a community of donors steps forward to make Live Oak possible. Through generous camper scholarship contributions, these individuals, companies, and foundations ensure that exceptional campers from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds can attend camp together, as teammates.

Supporters Play Several Integral Funding Roles for Camp

Camp Scholarships

By contributing to our scholarship fund, donors reduce the tuition requirements for families who need assistance. This allows us to offer a $2,400 camp experience for as little as $160.

Wilderness Adventure Donation

Your donations will help Live Oak provide wilderness backpacking trips for campers in Tennessee, Texas, and North Carolina.

Leadership Seminar and Coach in Training Programming

Donors support these two programmatic priorities, allowing us to expand our innovative year-round Leadership Seminar Series and build summer employment pathways for 14-17 year olds former-campers. Donations support our annual programming for these cohorts of rising leaders

Beyond Camp Support and Advising

Donors who support our High School and College Equity Initiative ensure that we can provide ongoing coaching and development to young adults as they transition from high school to college or career.

Capital Projects

Donors from our Live Oak parent and family network have contributed more than $50,000 in order for Live Oak to build new cabins at camp. As we grow we will continue to rely upon donor support to expand our camp.

Our Generous Sponsors

We are particularly thankful for individuals and organizations whose donations of >$500 since 2019 have made Live Oak summer camp and Leadership Seminar possible.

Almar Foundation
Andrew Yon
Dinah Ruch
Bobby and Natalia Hernandez
The Booth Bricker Fund
Boysie Bollinger
The Bruce J. Heim Foundation
Carolyn Shillinglaw
CJ El-Dahr
David Workman
Drew and Lynn Marsh
Fenner French Foundation
Fore!Kids Foundation
George Young
Goldring Family Foundation
Gray and Mary Kay Parker
Martha and Greg Cukor
Harper Family Foundation
Hyslops Shannon Foundation
Ilsa Leon
J.B. Levert Foundation
Jill and Minor Pipes
Jill Nalty
Elly and Merritt Lane
Methodist Hospital Systems Foundation
Pavy DeBlois Foundation
Plater Robinson
Pritchard Family Foundation
Pro Bono Publico
The Ruth U. Fertel Foundation
Mathilde and Richard Currence
Ruth and Larry Kullman
Boatner Reily Family Fund
Bob Reily
Campbell Foundation
Davis-Molony Fund
Jeanette Davis-Loeb
Eugenie and Joseph Jones Family Foundation
Sarah and Tommy Usdin
William DelHagen
Zoe and Ben Essner
Diana and Sean Fisher
Jim Huger
Michelle and Lamar Villere
Melanie and Steve Usdin
Art4Moore Foundation
Baptist Community Ministries
Michelle and Lamar Villere
Wendy Hickok Robinson
Kunjan Narechania
Cathy and Andy Burka
Melanie and Danny Bronfin
Gulf Coast Bank and Trust
Rising Oak Foundation
Alan Murray
Stephanie and David Barksdale
Bess and Matthew Meeks
James Weiss
Rebecca and Bob Scholz
Jeff Cram
Mark Hernberg
James Broadhurst
Lee Peeples
Bobby Garon
Lee Adler
Gwathmey Gomila
Molly Horstman
Nan Wallis and Britt Galloway
Rebecca and Simon Finger