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Live Oak in Action

Camper Age Progression

Over the years, campers grow and develop at Live Oak.  The combination of coaching they receive from our team, the independence they have at camp, and the opportunities for community and solidarity throughout the year helps them develop into the best versions of themselves.

First Year Campers (Age 7-8)

BriarPatch and Deerwood (Age 9-11)

Dogwood and The Nest (Age 10-12)

Crooked Creek and Tumbleweed (Age 11-13)

Lookout and Catnip (Age 12-14) + Bunkhouse and Flytrap (15)

Live Oak Mission in Action

Live Oak started in 2014 by answering the question: what if the future leaders of New Orleans became friends at age 9?

In our city there are too few meaningful opportunities for young people from different backgrounds to connect, become friends, and form bonds that are maintained throughout their lives. We set out to change that by building a summer camp community full of great kids who reflect the diverse city of New Orleans.

Live Oak is a summer camp — and a really good one, according to our kids, families, and partners — but we have become so much more than just a camp.

  • Live Oak is a disruption to the normal ways in which homogeneous networks can perpetuate bias, division, and misunderstanding amongst different groups of people
  • Live Oak is an innovative way to connect great young people from a range of schools and backgrounds who otherwise would not connect.
  • Live Oak is a 6-week camp, a 52-week leadership development program, and a life-long network of outstanding teammates, leaders, and citizens.

At the highest level, Live Oak is a long-term strategy for building a thriving, diverse city in which leaders are connected across lines of difference because they began building intentional relationships with one another as kids.

ACA Accreditation

Live Oak Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), the only nationwide organization that accredits all types of organized camps. We achieved this status in 2019 after a rigorous review of more than 300 standards for performance.

Long-Term Impact

94% of campers say they have grown into a 'stronger leader and a teammate.'

95% of campers say at camp they have 'made a new friend who is different than me.'

90% of campers say they felt 'connected to the people in their cabin.'

92% of campers say they feel 'more confident in their ability to try new things.'

When asked how likely they are to recommend Live Oak to their friends on a scale of 0-10, 98% of families answered 9-10.

Facilities & Features

Live Oak Camp is located in Wiggins Mississippi, on 1,200 acres of rolling long-leaf pine forest land. Though the camp is owned and maintained by the Scouts of America, Live Oak is the sole occupant during the summer months.

Live Oak campers are grouped by age, and as they grow older at Live Oak they advance through cabins with distinct names and identities: Briarpatch, The Nest, Dogwood, Crooked Creek… Each cabin is home for ten to twelve campers and two or three coaches.

Overall Live Oak has more than a dozen campsites spread across our camp facility. Each campsite has a bathroom on site, and Live Oak has two additional large bathhouses with individual private bathroom units for campers to use.

10+ Acre Lake with Swim Area and Water Trampoline

Large Air-Conditioned Dining Hall

Boathouse with Kayaks, Canoes, and Paddleboards

BB-Gun Range

Dozens of hiking trails

Nature Center

Art Studio

Field Sports Areas

Natural Makerspace Built in a Creek Bed

Fees & Rates

Our 2024 rates include campers’ room and board, as well as transportation to and from camp. Your tuition and support allows us to train our great staff, pay them fairly, keep our facility operational, and provide a safe and action-packed camp experience for campers.

Session Full Tuition ½ Tuition Scholarship Tuition CIT (16/17 year-old)
Session 1 (14 days, from June 21 - July 5) $2400 $1200 $160 $1200
Session 2 (14 days, from July 7 - 21) $2400 $1200 $160 $1175
Session 1 + 2 (28 days, from June 21 - July 21) $4800 $2400 $320 $2400
Jr. Camp Session (5 days, from July 22-26) $800 $800 $75 $400
Western United States Wilderness Adventure for returners between the age of 15-18 (Mar 30- April 6) $1625 $815 $110 n/a
Junior Wilderness Adventure in Tennessee (May 25-May 31) $1150 $575 $80 n/a
Senior Wilderness Adventure in North Carolina (June 4-13) $1625 $815 $110 n/a