November Leadership Seminar Recap

Leadership Seminar in 60 Seconds!

Welcome back to the LS in 60 Seconds!  The quickest update on what is happening at Leadership Seminar!  Here is a handout that should have gone home about CIT interviews and upcoming PotLuck on Dec 11th!

Dinner and Sponsor
The top photo of the day is actually the entire group shouting out Juan’s Flying Burrito!

Rachel, Donna and the team at Juan’s are stepping WAY UP and sponsoring the dinner for the next four Leadership Seminars! 

They are also donating gift baskets where 100% of the proceeds go to Live Oak. So go to Juan’s at 2018 Magazine Street, and get a swag bag! Your WHOLE DONATION will go towards sending kids to camp! Located at 2018 Magazine Street!

Who did what this week?
The night was jam packed with events. We had all four groups in full swing, a guest panel of speakers from different organizations all over New Orleans, AND we had an information session for prospective new campers. It was a busy, great night! 

Here is what went down…

Group Topics Covered What happened!
101s Culture, Clash and Acceptance

Using different food to understand our role in creating safe spaces

The night kicked off with “Shark Tank” hosted by Mo, Rachael and Riri. The 101s had to work together to convince the judges to buy their pieces. This activity helped everyone understand their rubric for the final Capstone Project on March 29th. 

The night took a turn when 101s were introduced to food and drink from different cultures. There were paleo bars, seaweed, kombucha, pigs feet and spiced lentils. It was powerful watching the kids go from laughter to empathy to activism as they realized just because food was different, didn’t make it good or bad. This realization is amplified as we realize our influence as role models to peers and younger campers who are different in a range of dimensions. 

Homework: To finish their self review and ginger person. This is the first step in their 360 review project that we are going over at the next meeting!

201s Categorization and Society

Working to plan out the Lock In

At the end of the night, every 201 said they wished they had talked about the Lock-In at the beginning of the night so that they could have spent more time on the social concept of categorization and how it affects us differently due to our identities. 

The lesson focused on how grouping has consciously and unconsciously separated groups throughout history and how we actively or passively can feed into these groupings. 

They finally realized that they would have to actively work against categorizations for their Lock In planning to make sure kids got the best experience possible in the spring! 

Homework: To finish their 30 step of ‘what we need to do to make the Lock-In a success’.

301s Panel Night

Turning our passions into careers!

Claire and Vaval and the 301s were BLESSED with a team of local nonprofit leaders who served on our Live Oak panel. 

The 301s had the chance to ask any questions to the panel about their experiences, their passions, their successes and failures. This time was set up to help our kids learn about different communities that they can get involved in. 

We are putting the name, contact info and link to the nonprofit groups below. There are some really great groups out there!

Homework: Email your thank you email to the non-profit of your choice.
Write your draft email to the non-profit you want to be involved in. Send it to

401s Leading groups through inquiry and
planning the Capstone!
The night started with a great evening of games with the 101s. The 401s goal is to learn how to be an active leader in the group by pulling out information rather than giving answers! 

The night turned to planning when Aiden, Hudson and Zoe started planning our spring Capstone events. They were joined by Alandra and Eleanor who made the second half after practice at school.

It is inspiring to see these busy young people make the effort to be a part of camp. We are so proud of them. 

Homework: Write out your initial steps for the art show. 




A mini collage of the 101’s eating and learning!

Who was on that 301 panel!?!?!
We wanted to make sure that you have access to all these great programs that were involved, so click HERE to get a list of names, contact information, link to website, and blurb about their organization.

High Schoolers and professionalism:

We partner with MHA labs with our curriculum for our high schooler and college students. MHA labs is a framework to develop the skills of youth and young adults to be successful in any career.

Here are the four building blocks of workplace development that we are trying to build in each of our kids. We will refine these skills over the four years while in Leadership Seminar, CIT’s and partnering in the community.

Next Meeting
December 7th!  Put it on your calendar here.

Don’t forget, we are asking that everyone RSVP using this link.
Fear not! We will text you four days before as a reminder! 

Family Potluck

  • We are asking every Leadership Seminar participant to join the December Potluck on Dec 11th from 10:30am-2:30pm. 
  • There will be games, great food and wonderful memories!
  • This year it will be outside at the Broadside Theater!
  • You can sign up for that here.

Want to see more photos from this week? Follow us @LiveOakCamp on Instagram and check out photos from last night.

See you next time on December 7th!

Here are four photos from the night!

Mo teaching the 101s about the importance of using assumptions or generalizations about different cultures.

101s working as a team with 401s to present their projects during Shark Tank.

Dede and the 201s talking about categorization and our influence in society.

Closing out with TAPS as a family.
Day is done
Gone the sun
From the lake,
From the hills,
From the sky,
All with well
Safely rest
God is nigh
So good night
Goodnight Live Oak